Why I Started the #EntrepreneursBookClub

Why I Started the #EntrepreneursBookClub

My mom put me in a book club in 3rd grade. In 1996. She wanted me to find a love for reading and my friend's mother, a reading specialist, was organizing one with a few local girls. Begrudgingly I agreed-- It was a way to spend time with my best friend who went to another school, so one Sunday a month didn't seem like too much of a price to pay. We met once a month for six years (!) until the burden of high school work became a bit too cumbersome.

There were certainly moments when I was not thrilled about reading over summer vacation and adding an additional book a month to my reading list. Ultimately it gave me a love for reading, a knack for engaging in discussion at an early age, and it came with great snacks and a unique sisterhood to boot.

These days I'm usually reading 2-3 books at once, and if it weren't for my extremely extroverted, social-planner husband, would likely spend much of my time curled up by the fire or in the bath with a good book (it's called balance).

As I began to take on management and mentor roles in my career, I found myself turning back to books to illustrate points, create togetherness in my teams, and of course seek answers to unfamiliar territories. Now, in my practice as a business coach and consultant I find myself suggesting books to clients a all the time. I'm aware that sometimes people just don't have the time or patience or desire to sit down with a book, so I decided to take at least a bit of the work off the table for the busy entrepreneurs in my network:

Read and vet the book.

Find the most salient points.

Pass on the value to those who need it.

Comment below with books you feel I can't miss out on!