What is a Business Coach?

If you were ever an athlete of any kind, or a musician, you can remember the hours and hours you first spent drilling the basics, then advancing beyond. Most of us wouldn't have been able to put in the work without a coach or teacher pushing us and holding us accountable. Your business and your career is no different.

A business coach will help to refine your vision.

Feeling overwhelmed? Unsurprising. As entrepreneurs, we stretch the capacity of what's possible over and over again until we break. Then, we get up and do it again. As it is said, if it came easy -- everyone would be doing it. Sometimes in the daily grind of start-up life it's easy to just keep putting one foot in front of the other rather than pausing to reevaluate. Innately, we often feel that if we stop, we'll lose the momentum we've built and completely crash. Working with a coach can allow for an objective outsider's view and productively help you pause and ask, "Why do I do what I do?" A strong vision and internal code of why will ease difficult decisions and keep you on track.

A business coach will hold you accountable.

Can you run 10 miles without the thrill of a race, or without someone pushing you? I can't. And for a moment, let's pretend I could. I probably couldn't do that more than once completely on my own. Having someone to keep you aligned to your business goals will help you stick to your vision, ease worry, and prevent total burnout.

A business coach can teach new skills.

What is that one small thing that you don't know that plagues you over and over? Is it building financial models in Excel? Is it writing a press release? Is it presenting to investors? Is it grappling with social media? A great coach can create the right training plan that not only fits your business's why but allows you to pick up the new skill with confidence and in the right time.

Like any relationship, the longer you work with a coach, the more familiar you'll be with one another and the more productive the work can be.

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