Three Daily Activities that Will Revolutionize Your Work

Habits are what make a person. It matters less what you do once in a while, than what you do each day. Healthy and productive habits can help us unlock creativity and efficiency we didn't know we had.

The following are three of my favorites that have completely revolutionized my own work and productivity!

1. Goal Setting

Years ago I started running my teams using goal setting. We took projects, both big and small, broke them down into actionable timelines and tasks, got to work, and then celebrated the victories. Goal setting helps to bring focus and meaning to our work. It give us dependability, a way to measure (and celebrate) progress, and most importantly beat procrastination (my biggest foe!)

Soon after bringing the method into my working life, I brought it into my personal life. Having definitive things that I'm working to helps me to stay on track, dream bigger, and notice quickly when I'm starting to slip, or when I might need to give myself a break.

If you're new to goal setting, start small. Outline one goal that you would like to accomplish in a fixed period of time. Make it attainable, make it meaningful. Then as you begin to feel comfortable with the framework, add another. Little by little you'll watch your world unfold in proportion to what you're trying to achieve.

2. Break Up with Multi-Tasking

I used to proclaim that I was the ultimate Queen of Multi-Tasking. I could run my tourism business while in business school classes. I could fold the laundry, watch the news, and talk to my mom. I could listen to a podcast, drive in traffic, and eat my breakfast. What I realized after reading How to Break Up with Your Phone, written by my amazing client Catherine Price, was that not only was I NOT being more productive, I was doing all of these tasks poorly. When I sit and I'm present and I focus on the single activity at hand, I end up getting it done faster and doing a better job.

3. Commit to New Ideas and Habits Slowly

When trying an exciting, life-changing habit, or a new idea comes to mind, it's human nature to throw yourself into it whole-heartedly. That being said, studies show that we hold onto habits that we ease ourselves into. We are more likely to make larger long-term changes that are broken into daily requirements or practices. Committing to one large change at a time makes it easier to adapt your life around the positive change and longer-lasting efficacy.