The 5 Key Attributes of My Ideal Client

I know it's not nice to play favorites, but sometimes these things happen. I get asked questions all the time about what kinds of clients I serve, and I'm always very excited to answer that their skills, their businesses, their personalities are all over the map. That kind of variance excites me and fuels my entrepreneurial spirit.

That being said, I did notice that most of my clients share some attributes that make working with them my absolute honor. The clients that truly LIGHT me up and make me love my work are doing some semblance of the following things:

1. They're always pursuing learning

No matter their method of choice (books, podcasts, lectures, courses) I love surrounding myself with people who believe in lifelong continuous learning. Personally, if I won the lottery, I would go back to school forever.

2. They understand and communicate their preferred method and style of feedback

Some people prefer to hear feedback as straight, hard truths, some people need a more gentle approach. Coaching can be deep work and there are times when the results and feedback aren't pretty. When clients know themselves enough to know how they handle feedback, it makes my job as a coach easier and helps me to craft suggestions in the most positive and productive way possible.

3. They're ready to do the work

There are times in our lives when we're ready to put the work in and times when we're not. Both seasons exist for all people, and both are OKAY. However, pursuing coaching at a time when there is too much "noise" in the background, doesn't always lead to the best results. When a client is with me side-by-side ready get the work done, results happen-- and fast. And who doesn't love results?

4. They're ready to leave righteousness at the door

It's important to remember that you probably hired a coach to help take you beyond your current station. That being the case, you have to be ready to be wrong and to know how to handle your own righteousness when it inevitably comes up. Great coaches push their clients out of their comfort zones. By the same token, great clients have the awareness to know when they're pushing against the walls of their comfort zone, and how to step aside and let new experiences take move them forward.

5. They're creating and/or participating in a supportive ecosystem

Work is hard. Corporate work is hard. Entrepreneurship is hard. Living up to your potential is hard. freaking. work. My most successful clients have strong support systems and work to engage them and give back to those systems often. Support ecosystems come in many shapes and sizes-- they might be groups of friends, a professional network, colleagues, a social media platform, etc. There really is no wrong way to seek support-- just make sure you have it and know that the ecosystem is your net when you're ready to take some big business leaps.