How I Goal-Set to Get Sh*t Done

I started my career in the SaaS world and was quickly introduced to the agile methodology of development. I started bringing the same methods into my marketing/sales/customer success teams and loved it. If you're completely new to the idea of agile, this article is a great place to start.

Essentially I start with this:

What are the big things I want to accomplish?

And then, I move to this:

  • If I focused on that and only that how long would it take? What would it take? Who and or what other resources would it take?

  • Pause to make sure the goal is big enough. Pause to make sure the goal is achievable.

  • Break it down to the very last minute details. That’s your roadmap.

  • Schedule those tiny tasks. Celebrate completing each one.

  • Sidebar--if you’re an entrepreneur, you should be asking yourself, “is this activity in service to [insert main goal/objective here, i.e. revenue, product development, fundraising, etc.]”

I dream in BIG goals, often, and then I try to chop them into the smallest, most tangible activities that could be done in an hour or less each. While the to-do list or list of smaller goals might seem long and daunting, it makes the BIG goal into a reality and is the first step in committing and honoring the time it will take to achieve the BIG goal.

When the list isn't so daunting? I challenge myself to think even bigger, or I just get to work.