#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: SAYING YES

I love learning through podcasts. It started as a way to pass the time in a 2+ hour round trip commute (in a previous life) and still remains one of my favorite inspirational tools. In order to help clients and readers make the most of their own time, my #EntrepreneursPodcastClub anthologizes several podcasts with similar topics, curating like-episodes specific to a theme that's top of mind.


“BE" a yes. The first time I heard this phrase was about 10 years ago in my yoga teacher training. It was a hot, buzz phrase. Don't just "say yes" to opportunity "be a yes" with every fiber of your being. Being a yes, is a major part of entrepreneurship, but so is discerning between good opportunities and draining ones. Knowing how to make this distinction, is one of the true embodiments of entrepreneurship.

How do you choose what you say yes to and what you pass on? How do you approach the world, your business, and your customers with an opportunity-driven "yes" mindset?

This collection of podcasts and stories is about varying entrepreneurial journeys. Some mention how their businesses have evolved and matured and how saying yes has evolved with it. Some are entrepreneurial stories that dial into inflection points and mindset shifts that changed the course of these guest's businesses.

Most of all, they all left me questioning, do I have a strong sense, in my own business of when to show up as a yes?

My Top 4 Podcasts About Saying Yes

ONLINE MARKETING MADE EASY #211: 5 Things I Said "Yes" To In The Early Years (But Say "No" to Now)

Amy Porterfield is a veritable marketing genius. Before building her platform of best-selling online marketing courses, she managed marketing for giants like Tony Robbins and Harley Davidson. While I love most of her podcast episodes for their tactical tips and tricks, I loved listening to her take us back to the early days of her business in this episode.

Key Takeaways:

1. When you say yes to one thing, you're inevitably saying no to something else.

2. Her list of what she used to say "yes" to but now says "no" to includes things like speaking engagements, trades, one-on-one "pick your brain" coffees and lunches and more. The link between them? These activities served a purpose for pushing her platform to the widest possible audience-- that is, until it was no longer serving her.

3. Intuition plays a big role in making these decisions.

4. When you give of your time to others in what may seem like a strategic way, you're taking yourself away from your work and your own business-- make sure it's worth it.

SKIMM'D FROM THE COUCH, Sara Blakely: Founder and CEO of Spanx

Sara Blakely is the youngest female self-made billionaire and in this episode talks with Carly and Danielle about not only her journey, but the philosophies, mindset, and vision that has helped her grow her business, stay humble, and become a powerful philanthropists simultaneously.

Key Takeaways:

1. Knowing that you can make things happen is half the battle. She maintains practices in manifestation, visualization, risk-taking, and not caring what other people think, in order to keep this belief alive and well.

2. Say yes to failure

3. Say yes to action: find the courage to ask for what you want or need (she elaborates here by sharing that she got her first retail deal with Neiman Marcus by having the guts to just, call them and sell her product).

4. Train your philosophies into your corporate culture.

SCHOOL OF GREATNESS, Nilofer Merchant, Your Uniqueness Is Your Power

Nilofer Merchant is a product powerhouse. Throughout her career she's launched over 100 products for the likes of Apple and HP, netting $18 billion in sales. In speaking to Lewis, she talks about harnessing the power of your own uniqueness to find, and build opportunity. In other words, she's a big believer in saying "yes" to what makes you, you.

Key Takeaways:

1. Tap into your onlyness, the distinct insight that each of us has instead of being marginalized by your otherness.

2. Pull at the thread of your onlyness to claim opportunity and meaning.

3. 61% of us, give up on our own ideas in order to be part of a group, because from an evolutionary perspective, belonging is a higher need, than innovation, or uniqueness.

4. True community (and customers) show up when you become your yes. When you say, "this is who I am" you are attracting the most powerful network imaginable.

GOOD LIFE PROJECT, Sadie Lincoln: barre3 Founder on Building a Business and a Life

This podcast takes you through the life and entrepreneurial journey of Sadie Lincoln, founder of boutique fitness franchise, barre3. It winds through her untraditional upbringing, and in watching her entrepreneurial journey, listeners can understand that no path is linear, and so much of success has to do with showing up.

Key Takeaways:

1. Stop pressing against constraints, use those boundaries as conditions of creativity

2. Say yes to what works for you and ditch what doesn't. Sadie, once a fitness executive for a large and powerful brand, came to understand through her own experience that the particular system that was so popular, simply wasn't working for her. Instead of being shameful of that, she decided "I'm not failing fitness, fitness is failing me."

3. Say yes to building a career that is consistent with your values.

4. When the time comes for employees, or partners, or customers to move on, say yes to transition and "bless them on their way."

Did I miss one of your favorites? Leave me a link in the comments section and I’ll take a listen!