#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: PRODUCT

I love learning through podcasts. It started as a way to pass the time in a 2+ hour roundtrip commute (in a previous life) and still remains one of my favorite inspirational tools. In order to help clients and readers make the most of their own time, my #EntrepreneursPodcastClub anthologizes several podcasts with similar topics, curating like-episodes specific to a theme that's top of mind.


What does your business sell? Whether a service or tangible product, there is so much that goes into the primary invention of your business. I chose these product stories to share because I felt that their creators overcame what sometimes feels seemingly impossible: confronting an industry giant as competition, reinventing a new segment, and optimizing sales channels that are new. Something that links all of these product stories together? Frustration over the currently available product or market and a desire to make things better.

My Top 3 Podcasts About PRODUCT

WHY NOT NOW, Kara Goldin, From a Diet Coke Addiction to $100 Million

Kara Goldin reinvented water. In a time in our history when it seems we had optimized the sales dollars from something that for most of the world, flows freely out of our sinks. She took on one of the largest and most difficult sectors and sub-sectors:

Food? That's a hard business with tough margins, fierce competition, and preexisting sales channels that are tough to crack.

But BEVERAGE? Well that's dominated by the very few.

In her words though, challenging the status quo was actually easier as an outsider because without experience in the industry it gave her the license to actually ask "why" or "why not" things had been done a certain way. She certainly didn't take to the archaic processes that were standard in the industry just because it was, "the way things were done." Instead, her probing questions allowed her to beat the giants and own her independent success.

GOAL DIGGER PODCAST, Lauren Napier, She Saw a Need and Created Her Dream Product

It's rare to be able to receive acclaim in BOTH the product and service categories and usually businesses who try to do both, fail. In Lauren Napier's case, combining the two has been the key to her success.

After building her professional book as a makeup artist with some of the biggest celebrity clients and being featured in top publications, she set out to build a product she knew that both she and her clients would love. One that she dreamt up on a long-haul international flight.

What I love in this interview is that Jenna and Lauren discuss the specific and actionable steps that Lauren took to launch her product-- indispensable wisdom for anyone trying to follow in her footsteps.

GOAL DIGGER PODCAST, Alexa Jean Fitness, Stop Wondering About Digital Products

Ever wonder how you can break into that increasingly-popular eBook market? Alexa's journey illustrates how she did it and why eBooks, a "make money while you sleep" business model was right for her and her family.

She walks through her publishing process, shares her pitfalls and successes and talks about what expansion of her product line looks like after several successful launches.

HOW I BUILT THIS, Dollar Shave Club: Michael Dubin

Have you ever been told that your product idea is too boring? Or that the giants in the competitive space will eat your business alive? If so, Michael Dubin is someone to be inspired by.

When he launched Dollar Shave Club, Gillette cornered over 70% of the market. How did he succeed despite that? In his words:

"We offered a better story"

Like many entrepreneurs, he was fed up with a product/process and had an idea about how to do better. He found a MVP (minimum viable product), created a website, recorded a funny video and he was off to the races.

Even after a launch snafu that crashed the website "people hung around because the proposition was resonate."

Did I miss one of your favorites? Leave me a link in the comments section and I'll take a listen!