#EntrepreneursBookClub: Renegades Write the Rules

“As much as we think we crave homogenization, we are consistently more compelled by distinction and diversity. The phrase, ‘Never a dull moment,’ isn’t said in the company of clones.”

-Amy Jo Martin

Want to remember what social media was like in 2012? Read this book. Amy Jo Martin takes the narratives of her success in helping major celebrity and business brands leverage social media and hands these stories over to readers. She takes her hard-earned lessons and failures from the infancy of social media and bestows them on you, the reader.

The magic? These lessons are increasingly relevant today, 7 years later, even though the way we interact with social media, the platforms we use, and especially the technology has morphed into something completely life-altering.

5 Key Takeaways and Quotes

1. Social Media Democratizes Access

Social media changed the way that people could access each other. That means that these days, you don't need a massive brand behind you to successfully find your tribe. Even more so, you, as an authentic contributor to your niche universe, are more valuable to brands than ever before.

2. People succeed when they are fully committed to providing value to their audiences

“The brands that matter today and tomorrow are the ones that have embraced the simplest and most authentic way to ensure that people are far more often better for interacting with them.”

3. Social Media makes failure far less fatal

Constant experimentation means constant small adjustments. Humanizing your brand through social media to connect also means the opportunity to apologize and course-correct in a way that brands have struggled with in traditional business settings.

4. Are you agile enough and brazen enough?

“If every business decision is easy, you’re probably playing it far too safe. You’re playing not to lose rather than playing to win. Staying on your game requires constant adjustment. And change is never comfortable, at least not at first”

5. Where are you accessing your audience?

“Personal access is the entry point for growing any brand. Access leads to connection, connection leads to relationship”

About the Author

In addition to being an inspiring business woman, brilliant mentor, and sweet friend Amy Jo Martin is a true Renegade in her fields of excellence.

More about Amy Jo from her website:

Amy Jo is the author of New York Times best-seller Renegades Write the Rules, and host of the Why Not Now? podcast. She founded Digital Royalty in 2009 to help corporations, celebrities and sports entities humanize their brands online through social communication channels. Amy Jo has worked closely with world-renowned brands such as Hilton Worldwide, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal to successfully humanize their presence. Her motto: humans connect with humans, not logos.