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Cultivating Your Tribe: NETWORK

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road-- especially at first. It could take years to make your first hire, and even then, depending on that hire, their role, and your relationship, that person might not be someone that you choose to confide in, or seek counsel from. That’s why you have to build your tribe.

I’ve found that no tribe is complete without friends and family, peers, a general network of like-minded individuals, and mentors/mentees. These buckets of people tend to overlap, cross-over, and sometimes the same people can fill multiple or even all roles. In this four-part series, we’ll explore how to fill each of these roles, how to balance your sphere of influence and how to make sure your tribe is suited to your needs.

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Creating Diversity in Business with Intention, a Q + A with Flor Gomez

Diversity. It's a hot topic these days. Personally, I spend a lot of time self-educating via articles and podcasts about diversity in business but I was still finding my own personal circle, pretty homogenous. I've been challenging myself to open the scope of my business and network, in the hopes of gaining insight and experience from those outside my own homogenous bubble. That's when I met Flor.

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