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Why I Never Shared My Pregnancy On Social Media

In the not-so-distant past, we used to only announce babies, not pregnancies. And before the days of bumpies (bump selfies), and gender reveal parties, I’m told, things were a lot simpler. Social media has shifted centuries-old cultural norms in less than a generation and the way “things were done” in the past has become, well, a relic of the past.

When I announced the birth of my son on social media there were many people who were shocked to find out that I was expecting, because though I share much of my life on social media, I went to great lengths to not share my pregnancy on instagram, unlike so many of my peers. There were no first ultrasound pictures after we passed the 1st trimester milestone, no baby shoes posed with our dog, no growing bump, no nursery reveal.

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#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: FAILURE

Entrepreneurial culture has made grand efforts to reclaim the word failure-- because it has to. Because failure to entrepreneurs isn't the cycle of:


Instead entrepreneurs know that it's the cycle of


These podcasts follow stories of failure and teach implementing failure as a strategy-- valuable lessons to both entrepreneurs and intraprenuers.

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What does freedom mean to you?

To me it’s not at all about NOT working, it’s about having the space to do work where and when I want it. I know this isn’t ideal for all work situations, and certainly can make team collaborations a little trickier, but for a long time I’ve been highly suspect about the efficiencies of the traditional 9-5 environment.

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Security: An Essay on Entrepreneurship

It’s July 2012, a sweltering summer evening in Tel Aviv. The kind where you just pray that if you keep calm, and walk just slightly with the occasional sea breeze, you won’t sweat completely through your clothes before arriving at your destination. I’m in my last month of a tough year. A year where I’ve balanced accelerated MBA course-loads from professors around the globe and the birth of my first business-- an adventure and eco-tourism company.

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