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#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: FAILURE

Entrepreneurial culture has made grand efforts to reclaim the word failure-- because it has to. Because failure to entrepreneurs isn't the cycle of:


Instead entrepreneurs know that it's the cycle of


These podcasts follow stories of failure and teach implementing failure as a strategy-- valuable lessons to both entrepreneurs and intraprenuers.

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#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: INSTAGRAM

Oh Instagram. It's the most popular social media platform in the English-speaking world. It's completely changed the way we behave on the internet. It's given so many the opportunity to create a life, a living, connections, and have profound impact. It gets a lot of bad press-- about the comparison game, about illegitimacy and bots, about it's impact on people and their mental health. That being said, it's a TOOL. A hugely popular and powerful tool for so many to reach into niche and diverse communities, to make the world a bit smaller.

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#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: PRODUCT

What does your business sell? Whether a service or tangible product, there is so much that goes into the primary invention of your business. I chose these product stories to share because I felt that their creators overcame what sometimes feels seemingly impossible: confronting an industry giant as competition, reinventing a new segment, and optimizing sales channels that are new. Something that links all of these product stories together? Frustration over the currently available product or market and a desire to make things better.

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#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: CONTENT

Content is the fundamental beginning of your brand's existence outside the corner of your mind or office. Whether it's the copy on your website, the packaging of your product, the way your employees speak to customers, or the added value your offer to your community through content marketing like blog or social media posts, it all matters. Still working on some content strategy, or feel like there are areas where you can improve? Take a listen to some of the podcasts below.

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#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: SAYING YES

“BE" a yes. The first time I heard this phrase was about 10 years ago in my yoga teacher training. It was a hot, buzz phrase. Don't just "say yes" to opportunity "be a yes" with every fiber of your being. Being a yes, is a major part of entrepreneurship, but so is discerning between good opportunities and draining ones. Knowing how to make this distinction, is one of the true embodiments of entrepreneurship.

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#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: MONEY's that hush-hush topic we're not supposed to talk about, right? We all have varying feelings about talking about money, thoughts about money, and even have a lot of emotional energy tied to what we believe we deserve when it comes to earning and spending. Some of these philosophies are born from our upbringings, some are learned throughout life.

What I'm here to tell you is that your mindset around money matters. What you believe about money is in direct correlation with how you'll feel earning it, what you believe to be "enough" and ultimately how you'll define success (and sometimes how you'll get in your own way of earning to your potential). These episodes below explore financial planning as an entrepreneur, tackling investment and how to manage it, why our money mindset can be a barrier to our success, how to be profit focused, and more. Enjoy!

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#EntrepreneursPodcastClub: MINDSET

You may have heard that all it takes to live the life of your dreams is to imagine it and will it into existence. For those of you who are skeptical, here are a few selections that focus how and why mindset is so important in setting goals and inevitably achieving them and changing your life and business. Personally-- I'm a big believer. I know that when I choose to believe positively about my opportunities and abilities, the self-diminishing talk decreases.

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